Ridehail Data Sharing: Stakeholders, Questions, and Data Sharing Approaches

Research Team: Mike Hyland (lead) and Jacob Wasserman

UC Campus(es): UC Irvine, UCLA

Problem Statement: Transportation network companies (TNCs) — which include ride hail firms like Lyft and Uber — have expanded mobility for many Californians, but they also present new challenges, such as traffic congestion, increased emissions, and labor issues. In attempting to balance the benefits and drawbacks, the government has begun regulating these services in the public interest. However, public agencies have limited access to private, proprietary TNC data.

Project Description: This project will investigate which agencies want access to TNC data, what type of data they are seeking, why they need the data, and what they plan to do with the data. The research team will (1) contact and discuss these issues with major stakeholders, (2) review public comments made to the California Public Utility Commission regarding TNC data and rulemaking and comments made to the California Air Resources Board regarding the Clean Miles Standard; (3) review the relevant literature on TNC data sharing; and (4) explore actions by other regulatory bodies who are requiring TNCs to report data and what information they are collecting and sharing publicly.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $35,000