Carbon Neutral Transportation

The carbon neutrality pillar includes a suite of projects focused on decarbonizing California’s transportation sector. The projects are designed to support and inform existing and future efforts to shift California toward clean transportation fuels and technologies and to reduce vehicle miles traveled. The projects in the carbon neutrality pillar fall into seven topical areas including:  1) light-duty electric vehicles, 2) heavy-duty zero emission vehicles, 3) freight and logistics, 4) grid-impacts of vehicle electrification, 5) low-carbon liquid fuels, 6) hydrogen, and 7) VMT-based policies for sustainability.

Phase 1 Objectives:

Initial objectives of Phase 1 include:

  • Understanding the current electric vehicle market to support California’s transition to a 100% zero emissions vehicles and examine future scenarios to forecast grid impacts, challenges, and opportunities.  
  • Providing policy guidance to shape the decarbonization of land-based logistics chains. Answering critical policy questions about low-carbon liquid fuels via rapid, evidence-based policy analysis.
  • Examining the fundamental drivers of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) growth to inform the next generation of VMT-based policies. 
  • Creating a system for capturing data from heavy-duty zero emission vehicles and fleets and investigating the potential impacts of policy interventions. 
  • Identifying opportunities for hydrogen in California’s transportation sector.

Phase 1 Projects:

Phase one (approximately 15 months) includes 18 multi-campus research projects. 

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