The California Resilient and Innovative Mobility Initiative

The California Resilient and Innovative Mobility Initiative (RIMI) serves as a living laboratory – bringing together university experts, policymakers, public agencies, industry stakeholders, and community leaders – to inform the state transportation system’s immediate response and recovery needs due to earthquakes, severe weather events, wildfires, and COVID-19, while establishing a long-term vision and pathway for directing innovative mobility to develop sustainable and resilient transportation in California. RIMI is led by the UC ITS in partnership with the State of California, regional and local governments, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, and industry.


RIMI’s mission is to direct transportation and mobility innovations toward the public interest through a holistic, integrated, and societal-building approach that addresses technological, environmental, resilient, and socio-economic impacts. 

Program Structure: 

RIMI is organized around three core research pillars: 

Equity and High-Road Jobs serve as cross-cutting themes that are integrated across the three pillars. Each pillar is guided by a multi-year research roadmap, outlining a collaborative research agenda across the four UC ITS campuses. This research agenda will evolve over time to address emerging issues and support a long-term collective vision for developing a sustainable and resilient transportation system in California.