Public Transit and Shared Mobility

The public transit and shared mobility research pillar includes a suite of projects focused on challenges, opportunities, and transformations related to public transit and private shared mobility in California. Public transit continues to be critically important for many Californians, and shared mobility shows much promise in improving mobility and equitable access to opportunities. Both of these mobility options have faced challenges during the pandemic, and policies and innovation are needed to revive and evolve them. The projects in the public transit and shared mobility pillar will inform a future vision for public transit and shared mobility in California (and beyond) that increases access to opportunity, supports resilience, and reimagines how these modes work together.

Phase One Objectives:

  • Providing insights into innovative finance and operations strategies.
  • Understanding what causes ridership declines and what policy levers can revive ridership, while simultaneously improving service for underserved populations. 
  • Identifying strategies to enhance public transit and shared mobility to ensure they are more adaptable to future pandemics, earthquakes, wildfires, and extreme weather events. 
  • Evaluating the role of public transit and shared mobility in achieving statewide VMT reduction goals.
  • Understanding the future of private shared mobility and what role the public sector should play in supporting and regulating it.

Phase 1 Projects:

Phase one includes 14 multi-campus research projects.

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