Agency Participation in the California Integrated Travel Program

Research Team: Susie Pike (lead), Jean-Daniel Saphores, Juan Matute

UC Campus(es): UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA

Problem Statement: The California Integrated Travel Program (Cal-ITP) aims to introduce open payments across all of California’s public transit systems, enabling passengers to use any means of payment readily available to them and reducing or eliminating dependence on cash payments or specialized fare cards. Potential means of payment include credit cards, mobile phone apps or digital wallets, and prepaid debit cards. This shift will allow greater flexibility for passengers and transit agencies alike. This fare payment system will be supported by the implementation of General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) – a data sharing protocol – across all transit agencies as well as GTFS Real Time, which allows passengers to find routes and schedules with tools such as Google and the Transit App and to track vehicle locations in real- time. While this effort is led by the state, with key activities carried out by the California Department of Transportation and the California State Transportation Agency, the full execution of Cal-ITP depends on each transit agency’s participation, which is voluntary at this time. Cal-ITP’s challenge will be to help the hundreds of California transit agencies of different sizes, capabilities, and diverse services transition to a coordinated fare payment system.

Project Description: This study will identify the tools and assistance that transit agencies will need to participate in Cal-ITP. The researchers, with support from the California Transit Association (CTA), will conduct a survey of California transit agencies to assess their knowledge of Cal-ITP, their understanding of the challenges of participating in Cal-ITP, and their awareness of assistance offered by the program. In addition, information will be gathered about agency characteristics related to their interest in Cal-ITP, capacity to participate, and attitudes about open payment systems.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $70,000