Exploring the Benefits and Costs of Electric Vehicle Car Sharing in Rural Underserved Communities

Research Lead: Caroline Rodier

UC Campus(es): UC Davis

Problem Statement: Low population density and long travel distances in small towns and rural areas make it difficult for public entities to offer cost-effective, fixed-route transit and micro-transit services. Consequently, transportation options in these communities are often subpar, leaving low-income households without access to crucial services and opportunities. As a solution, round-trip electric vehicle car sharing has been suggested to complement transit services in these areas. Recent pilot programs are exploring this option with a non-profit service mode that provides car-sharing at an affordable rate of $4 per hour and $35 per day.

Project Description: The research project will examine user demand, revenue, and service cost data from three pilots in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, Richmond, and Stockton. The data will be evaluated to estimate potential “farebox recovery” in the different communities, which can be compared to current transit services in the area.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $30,000