Webinar: California’s Hydrogen Strategy – Where Do We Go From Here?

DATE: September 22, 2022

TIME: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (PDT)


EVENT OVERVIEW: Currently, hydrogen is used in a few significant applications in California; however, it has the potential to be a major zero-carbon energy carrier that could be used across California’s economy, including transportation, buildings, and various industries. This webinar will explore the potential of hydrogen in decarbonizing California’s economy with a focus on applications in the transportation sector. Experts from the UC Institute of Transportation Studies will share and discuss the latest thinking and scientific insights related to the potential growth and uses of hydrogen in California, the carbon implications of different production methods and “colors” of hydrogen, and the likelihood of hydrogen becoming a cost competitive fuel in California’s low carbon economy.


Laura Podolsky – Assistant Director, UC Institute of Transportation Studies