Founded in 1947 by the California State Legislature, the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley (ITS Berkeley) has grown to become one of the world’s leading centers for transportation research, education, and scholarship. Today ITS Berkeley is home to a large and diverse community of people who study all aspects of transportation—from technological advances to social and environmental consequences. ITS Berkeley represents over 35 faculty members from nine UC Berkeley academic departments or schools with approximately 50 additional researchers associated with various transportation research centers and/or projects. Among the ITS faculty, four are members of the National Academy of Engineering, eight are editors or associate editors of leading scholarly journals, and several have chaired prestigious committees at the state, federal, and international level. Two distinguished Nobel Prize awardees have connections to ITS-Berkeley. Each year, more than 100 graduate students are pursuing a master’s degree and/or Ph.D. at ITS Berkeley with many going on to serve in university faculty positions as well as leadership positions in government and industry.

ITS Berkeley has several associated research centers that are leading cutting-edge international, national, statewide and regional initiatives. The California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) has been a leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems research since its founding in 1986 and recently launched  Berkeley DeepDrive (BDD) Industry Consortium, which investigates state-of-the-art technologies in computer vision and machine learning for automotive applications. Formed in 2006, the Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) uses a wide range of analysis and evaluation tools to develop impartial findings and recommendations for policymakers in seven key areas: advanced vehicles and fuels, energy and infrastructure, goods movement, innovative mobility, mobility for special populations, transportation and energy systems analysis, and future of mobility. Other affiliated centers include the UC Pavement Research Center, the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC), and the University of California Center on Economic Competitiveness in Transportation (UC-CONNECT). The Technology Transfer Program, offering professional development and training classes statewide and online, is also housed ITS Berkeley.

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Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley
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Berkeley, CA 94720-1720
Main Office Telephone: 510-642-3585
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