Executive Education Program in Funding Sustainable Mobility

Research Team: Madeline Brozen (lead), John Gahbauer, Whitney Willis, Jordan Fraade, and Brian Taylor

UC Campus(es): UCLA

Problem Statement: The way we finance public transportation systems has grown less predictable and sustainable just as we demand intelligent, equitable, efficient, and effective investments in transportation sustainability. Short-term financing mechanisms are increasingly insufficient for managing long-term transportation planning and engineering problems.

Project Description: We propose partial support of the 2016 UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium - Paying it Forward: Investing in Sustainable Mobility. This event will provide 16 hours of executive education to 120 policymakers, engineers, and planners across California and will help them to understand how to further connect sustainable finance with sustainable outcomes, with these specific learning objectives:● To understand how current trends in transportation finance have resulted in the current ad hoc and uncertain funding environment across the state as well as in regions and municipalities● To learn the latest pricing and fiscal incentive tools, techniques, and opportunities to leverage private investments in transportation ● To understand how new technology, data, and analytics can be used to identify areas of greatest need and improve the cost-effective allocation of resources.After the Symposium, attendees will receive copies of all the presentations given along with a written overview, which they are free to share with other members of their organizations and networks.Event Overview: https://uclaarrowheadsymposium.org/arrowhead-2016/

Status: Completed

Budget: $60,000