The Impacts of Upzoning on Housing Production and Communities in California

Research Team: Carolina Reid (lead), Karen Chapple, and Carol Galante

UC Campus(es): UC Berkeley

Problem Statement: Since the passage of Senate Bill 375, the State of California has mandated the coordination of land use and transportation planning in an effort to promote infill development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, housing production continues to fall far short of need, with the state struggling to concentrate new housing developments near transit lines. In addition, neighborhoods located near transit tend to be lower-income, raising concerns about displacement and the potential impacts of new development on housing affordability.

Project Description: This research project seeks to examine the issues related to upzoning in California, including its potential to increase housing supply, what types of communities would be most affected, and what role inclusionary zoning could play in expanding access to affordable housing. For additional information and resources on upzoning, please visit

Status: Completed

Budget: $24, 881