Social Impacts of Transit Oriented Development on Disadvantaged Communities

Research Team: Douglas Houston (lead) and Michelle E. Zuniga

UC Campus(es): UC Irvine

Problem Statement: Planners need tools to better understand the social and community impacts of transit-oriented development (TOD) so they can proactively address barriers and challenges to equitable sustainable development for low-income and disadvantaged communities. Although TOD can help achieve regional greenhouse gas (GHG) emission goals and spur local revitalization, in some cases it results in gentrification and residential displacement of long-term residents. Fear of negative TOD impacts on housing affordability, neighborhood identify, and social cohesion have driven many community groups to forcefully oppose near-station developments and planners need new approaches for integrating community perspectives into the TOD planning process.

Project Description: The proposed research will support efforts of planning agencies to enhance inclusionary planning practices and be responsive to the concerns of disadvantaged communities by conducting interviews and surveys with community organizations and residents of disadvantaged TOD areas to document their perceptions (negative and positive) of change in their neighborhood. Results will characterize the types of neighborhood change and gentrification residents have observed and their perceptions on the social and psychological impacts of these changes.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $70,381

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