Best Practices in Implementing Tactical Transit Lanes

Research Team: Juan Matute (lead) and John Gahbauer

UC Campus(es): UCLA

Problem Statement: A Tactical Transit Lane (“TTL”) is a bus only lane tactically implemented in dense, congested areas to speed up transit without major capital improvements. Many projects described by other names, such as dedicated bus lanes, transit corridors, bus priority lanes, and business and transit access (BAT) lanes, are TTLs. Especially compared to other capacity-enhancing projects, TTLs are quick, low-cost, and reversible.

Project Description: This guide is intended for planners interested in implementing Tactical Transit Lanes, particularly first-time lanes. Its focus is on the implementation, i.e., the planning and outreach considerations of the project as opposed to design, for which other recent resources exist. The content of this guide is drawn from interviews with 24 planners from twenty city departments and agencies conducted between August 2018 and January 2019. It is also informed by the results of a survey of 81 professionals conducted in January 2019, with 26 respondents, as well as by the researchers’ review of relevant sources such as news articles, agency websites, industry blogs, and other reports.

Status: Completed

Budget: $40,000