Designing Public Transit Stations to Enhance Access to First/Last Mile Mode Choices

Research Team: Beth Ferguson (lead) and Angela Sanguinetti

University: UC Davis

Problem Statement: Revolutions in future mobility have the potential to contribute greatly to climate resiliency plans. Public transit has a key role in such a model; however, public transit use has decreased in recent years, with new mobility options such as ride-hailing and shared micromobility contributing to this trend. In order to integrate rising micromobility options with public transit, and moreover, to leverage them to increase public transit use, a critical consideration is the availability and ease of micromobility options for first/last mile travel between public transit stations and city centers and residential areas. An important dimension of the integration of public transit and micromobility for first/last mile travel is the design of the built environment. Design solutions can help address some of the barriers, and increase connections, between public transit and micromobility.

Project Description: The research team will explore new ways that the built environment can support first and last mile transit mode choices such as bike share, scooters, shared autonomous shuttles, and riding hailing services with the goal of connecting to public transit and reducing vehicle miles traveled. The design and research review will consider sidewalk parking, storage, servicing and charging infrastructure for first and last mile transit services, and placement around urban and neighborhood transit stops. The research team will assess the impacts of current transit design infrastructure to be able to meet the flexible needs of new pilot services supporting last mile travel. The infrastructure systems that will be assessed include sidewalk parking for two-wheeled vehicles, light electric vehicle charging, safety lighting, light vehicle lanes, and connections to underserved neighborhoods.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $25,000

Project Partner(s): Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Conference Paper: Facilitating Micromobility for First and Last Mile Connection with Public Transit Through Environmental Design: A Case Study of California Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations