Coordinated Operation of Shared Micro-mobility for a Sustainable City Transportation System

Research Team: Shams Tanvir (lead), Meagan Chan, Alyssa Labrador, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Matt Barth

UC Campus(es): 

Additional Research Partners: UC Riverside

Problem Statement: Shared micro-mobility (SMM) refers to the shared use of low-speed, fully or partially human powered transportation modes among a group of subscribers or users on an as-needed basis. Local authorities do not currently possess a framework to compare the benefits of SMM as a sustainable mode or to understand the potential negative impacts of SMM. Also, SMM operations is currently decentralized among multiple providers. Operational mechanisms need to be developed to achieve coordinated and optimized SMM for system level efficiency and to promote a more sustainable transportation system.

Project Description: This project will develop a framework to analyze trade-offs between system level benefits and risks related to the implementation of SMM. The research team will review existing literature, policies, regulations, and proposed legislation regarding SMM. Surveys of state, regional, local authorities will also be conducted to inventory roles, jurisdictions, current activities, and synergistic operations. The research team will then develop an analysis framework based on connectivity and accessibility potentials of SMM for identified travel needs (e.g., first / last mile) within the bounds of a typical city. The research team will also identify opportunities for coordination and synergistic operations to maximize system level energy-efficiency while minimizing unintended consequences.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $24,853