Transport Pricing Policies and Emerging Mobility Innovations

Research Team: Michael Hyland (lead), Arash Ghaffar, Tanjeeb Ahmed, Daisik Nam

UC Campus(es): UC Irvine

Problem Statement: Transportation pricing policies aim to manage vehicular demand for parking, dense urban areas, roadways, and highway lanes. Although pricing policies take various forms, most were designed in a world before the sharing economy and ride-sourcing companies. Hence, the efficacy of existing pricing policies in a world with shared mobility services requires further consideration. Moreover, future pricing policies designed to handle private vehicles and shared ride-sourcing vehicles must consider the behavior of both sets of travelers and vehicle fleets.

Project Description: This project develops a conceptual framework to support systems level analysis of pricing policies for a world with private and shared vehicle usage. It qualitatively analyzes the impact of shared vehicles on the effectiveness of various pricing policies, while also considering the role of vehicle-to-infrastructure technology. This conceptual framework will support future research that uses activity-based travel demand and dynamic network assignment models to evaluate congestion pricing policies in an era of shared mobility.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $79,258