The Influence of Housing Characteristics on Complex Travel Behavior

Research Team: Michael McNally (lead) and Rezwana Rafiq

UC Campus(es): UC Irvine

Problem Statement: Recent California policy discussions suggest that the travel impacts resulting from strategies for housing growth are not well understood, in part because metropolitan growth has always occurred according to local zoning and land use plans. Fundamental alterations of local planning guidelines, in turn, have unknown transportation impacts.

Project Description: This project reviewed and synthesized policy and academic literature on housing-and-transportation linkages. The project team then applied a process developed in related research to categorize tour-based travel patterns and related these to household characteristics. The project team established connections between household tour behavior and residential variables, which were used to classify types of travelers. The focus of this research was on users of public transit and ride hailing services

Status: Completed

Budget: $50,000

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