Understanding How Consumer Awareness of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Affects Electric Vehicle Adoption in California

Research Team: Ken Kurani (lead) and Scott Hardman

UC Campus(es): UC Davis

Problem Statement: Billions of public dollars are being spent across the United States and California to encourage consumers to purchase and use electric vehicles. But the success of these efforts to expand EV markets depends not only on the availability of EV charging stations, but also on whether consumers, especially those who don’t already own EVs, are aware that charging facilities are both adequate and accessible.

Project Description: This project will investigate whether individuals are aware of existing EV charging infrastructure, relative differences in availability of that infrastructure (at home, work, and in public environments), and how likely individuals will consider purchasing an EV. Researchers will document how much a person’s awareness of EV charging infrastructure depends on factors such as an individual’s prior interest in owning an EV, the amount of visible EV charging infrastructure, and the location of the EV charging infrastructure.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $79,847

Project Partner(s): California Air Resources Board and California Energy Commission