Assessing the Perspective of Labor Unions on California’s Policy Goals Related to Sustainable Transportation

Research Team: Daniel G. Chatman and Tamara Kerzhner

UC Campus(es): UC Berkeley

Problem Statement: California is actively planning for a low-carbon economy to enhance equity and job quality. Strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transportation include reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT) through urban planning, road pricing, and public transport. Yet, research has not explored the role of transit worker unions in these efforts, including unions’ stances on transportation, climate change, job preservation, and job quality.

Project Description: This project aims to uncover the policy stances of various unions in California regarding transportation equity, decarbonization, and related urban planning issues and policies. The researchers will investigate these perspectives at both the leadership and rank-and-file levels. Additionally, they will formulate a series of recommendations on how collaborating with unions can support the state's transportation goals. To illustrate effective strategies, the project will examine several case studies from national and international contexts. These case studies will showcase successful collaborations, collective bargaining agreements, and union policies designed to address decarbonization, improve transit services, and promote transportation equity. The research will involve an in-depth document analysis and a series of interviews and focus groups with union leaders and members across California.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $99,877