White Paper: Paths for the Rollout of Connected and Automated Vehicles

Research Team: Alexandre Bayen (lead), Anthony Patire, and Francois Dion

UC Campus(es): UC Berkeley

Problem Statement: In the coming decades, advancements in connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) have the potential to transform communities and mobility. As these technologies progress, policymakers and practitioners will need tools and information to proactively design policies, actions, and practices that will avoid potential negative impacts and unintended consequences and facilitate sustainable and equitable outcomes.

Project Description: This project will produce an exploratory white paper on various aspects of the rollout and adoption of CAVs. In producing the white paper, the researchers will first create a descriptive list of all current and planned CAV-related testbeds, pilot projects, and experimental deployments in California. Second, the researchers will conduct outreach with stakeholders engaged in near-term CAV deployments to understand their perspectives, needs, and goals. Stakeholders – including key public agencies and private stakeholders – will also be asked about their interest in using CAVs to achieve achieve traffic and environmental policy goals, to estimate traffic and environmental performance measures, to reimagine allocation of capacity among transit and automated/non-automated modes, and to deploy CAV fleets that simultaneously improve mobility services and traffic outcomes.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $102,000

Policy Brief(s):