White Paper: Supply Chain and Freight Transportation in California

Research Team: Craig Rindt (lead) and Stephen Ritchie

UC Campus(es): UC Irvine

Problem Statement: California continues to see its position as the nation’s largest gateway for international trade challenged due to a combination of factors, including increased costs (related to environmental regulation and operational inefficiencies), changes in international trade patterns related to geopolitical factors, and increased competition from ports on the East Coast. The resiliency of California’s supply chain and freight transportation system, and the impact of this system on various externalities that affect local communities, are similarly concerning.

Project Description: This project will engage researchers, experts, and public and private stakeholders to better understand the various factors affecting the evolution of the freight and goods movement sector in California. The project team will convene a panel of experts from the UC ITS community of researchers and provide this panel with opportunities to attend a series of listening sessions with global leading researchers, industry leaders, and other experts. These listening sessions will then be followed by one or more targeted workshops to assess, characterize, and propose a path forward for California’s supply chain and freight transportation system. The UC ITS panel will then ultimately produce a white paper containing a recommended path forward for California’s supply chain and freight transportation sector.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $40,000