Pilot Study: Freight Mobility Living Laboratory

Research Lead: Stephen Ritchie

UC Campus(es): UC Irvine

Problem Statement: California possesses multiple major freight gateways and logistics facilities that serve both the state and the entire US. But the economic, environmental and local community impacts of heavy-duty trucks that are currently essential to our supply chains and freight transportation system remain poorly measured due to the lack of comprehensive and detailed truck activity data.

Project Description: This wide-scale pilot study will deploy the Truck Activity Monitoring System (TAMS) developed at ITS-Irvine to create a freight mobility living laboratory (FML2). TAMS primarily uses advanced inductive signature technology with existing infrastructure, supplemented by LiDAR sensors and automated license plate recognition at selected sites to provide detailed data on real-time heavy-duty truck activity along major freight corridors. FML2 will initially focus on the Inland Empire area of Southern California (Caltrans District 8), along with limited deployments in other Caltrans Districts.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $60,000