The UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) is one of the leading transportation policy research centers in the United States and is guided by the mission to support and advance cutting-edge research, the highest-quality education, and meaningful and influential civic engagement on the many pressing transportation issues facing our cities, state, nation, and world today. UCLA ITS is housed in the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, and ITS faculty, staff, and students regularly collaborate with and receive support from the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies. UCLA ITS is a proud partner in the Pacific Southwest Region 9 University Transportation Center, a federally-funded research network with seven other universities.

The transportation planning program at UCLA has been ranked second in the nation by Planetizen, due in no small part to ITS support of transportation faculty and students. Since its inception in 1992, ITS has supported hundreds of UCLA Luskin students with more than $2 million in scholarship funds, which is relatively unique among UCLA research centers in both scope and scale. ITS also has enhanced the SPA curriculum by regularly funding special topics courses in transportation studies. This support has helped the Departments of Public Policy and Urban Planning (each of which offers specializations in transportation) attract many of the best and brightest transportation students to UCLA. Not surprisingly, transportation policy and planning faculty and students have garnered an inordinate number of prestigious grants and awards, many of which can be found on the ITS awards page.

ITS also actively links transportation research with policy and planning practice. Each fall since 1991, UCLA ITS co-host the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium, which brings leading transportation, land use, and environmental scholars together with top policy and planning practitioners from around the globe for a three-day retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains. In addition, UCLA ITS regularly hosts conferences and events in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C., along with dozens of public lectures on a wide variety of topics.

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