Webinar: Insights into Why and How Cities are Planning for Autonomous Vehicles

DATE: October 18, 2019

TIME: 11:00 PM to 12:00 PM

LOCATION: online

EVENT OVERVIEW: Autonomous vehicles are being widely tested and piloted to carry passengers and freight. When these vehicles will be deployed more broadly and integrated into our current transportation system is debatable. However, a handful of cities across the nation are starting to incorporate autonomous vehicles into policy conversations and planning activities. These “early adopter” cities are providing insight into the evolving role local policy may have in shaping AV use and deployment in communities. This webinar will feature a presentation from UC Berkeley Professor Daniel Chatman featuring new research exploring the motivation of “early adopter” cities engaged in autonomous vehicle testing, regulation, and planning. Professor Chatman will share high-level findings and insights from over 20 in-depth interviews and an extensive review of policy and planning documents. He will also discuss the implications of this research on future autonomous vehicle policy making at varying levels of government.