Advancing Transportation Equity Policy and Practice in California

Research Lead: Jesus M. Barajas

University: UC Davis

Problem Statement: A recent reckoning with the results of many past injustices in transportation coupled with new legislation and changes to state policy has given rise to renewed attention to equity in transportation planning processes. But not all agencies are equally equipped to implement equity-based approaches.

Project Description: The goal of this project is to identify innovative methods and gaps in practice both within California and elsewhere that can inform policy guidance. This project will examine transportation planning, policy, and practice at both state and regional levels. The researcher will review the planning, programming, and process methods for advancing equity of up to 10 state departments of transportation. The research will involve a review of public documents that reflect department priorities, such as long range transportation plans, environmental and community impact assessment manuals, grant programs, and public participation guidance to assess the extent to which equity is incorporated into decision-making, prioritization, and evaluation of projects.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $20,000

Project Partner(s): California State Transportation Agency