Enhancing Technical and Analytical Capability and Capacity to Implement a Racially Equitable and Just Transportation Agenda

Research Team: Paul Ong (lead), Silvia Gonzalez, and Gian-Claudia Sciara

University: UCLA, University of Texas

Problem Statement: Over the last year, public agencies have undergone a profound philosophical and normative shift, partly in response to the Black-Lives-Matter movement. Previous research finds that many existing transportation models (and associated land-use and economic models) are unable to identify, trace and estimate racial impacts from major infrastructure projects that contribute to gentrification and displacement in marginalized communities. These issues are not limited to race. There are similar data and modeling limitations in efforts to implement sustainable community strategies, which includes an equity component.

Project Description: This research project focuses on identifying potential actions to enhance the capability and capacity of state transportation departments to integrate race and inequality into their technical and analytical practices. This project will facilitate this institutional improvement by assessing the efforts in four states. The project will focus on three race-equity topics: (1) the foundational knowledge of practitioners; (2) the data and analytical system; and (3) actions to address or rectify shortfalls.

Status: In Progress

Budget: $20,000

Project Partner(s): California State Transportation Agency