Webinar: What are Promising Options for Advancing California’s Housing and Transportation Goals?

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DATE: April 17, 2024

TIME: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM PT


EVENT OVERVIEW: Housing and transportation are inextricably linked. Research increasingly stresses that no effort to reform transportation alone will succeed without attention to the location of housing. And the converse is equally true—no land use policy, if unmatched by complementary transportation interventions, should be expected to meaningfully reduce driving and the accompanying air pollution. In this webinar, UC ITS experts will present insights from a recent review of empirical studies on how land use policies, housing policies, and transportation policies influence housing availability and travel patterns. They will also discuss California’s efforts to influence local and regional land use planning with the intention of affecting transportation outcomes, and highlight promising interventions for reducing auto use and carbon emissions, and increasing housing supply and affordability.


Laura Podolsky – Assistant Director, UC Institute of Transportation Studies