Capitol Briefing: Big Data, Smart Cities: How the Confluence of IOT Networks, and Big Data Can Change Everything

DATE: April 4, 2017

TIME: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

LOCATION: UC Center Sacramento, 1130 K St LL22, Sacramento, CA

EVENT OVERVIEW: Growth in cities today contradicts sustainability, but at the same time, modern technology has brought to life unprecedented opportunities to make transportation more efficient, resilient, and adaptive. UC ITS researchers discussed the possibilities and demonstrate connected mobility modeling for real-time multimodal traffic management as an example. Presentations were followed by a discussion with special guest Brian Brennan with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.


Professor Alexandre Bayen – Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley


Alexey Pozdnukhov, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley
Jane Macfarlane, Executive Director, Sustainable Transportation Initiative, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Brian Brennan, Senior Vice President for Investor Relations and State and Federal Coalitions, Silicon Valley Leadership Group